Training/Consulting Services


Michael Leonard Consulting offers a wide range of support solutions. Get your people on the phone with someone who has used CRM to sell cars and one of the most experienced CRM professionals in North America.

Onsite Consulting/Training

Onsite consulting and training is a great way to complete indepth training, re-installs, process analysis or launching/relaunching new departments.
All onsite days begin at 8:30 a.m. and typically run through 6 p.m. (travel does not interfere with actual training time). The key to successful onsite time is having a well thought through plan (with flexibility built in) and having all of the key players at the dealership bought-in and available during the training. You shouldn't be expected to pay for someone walking into your store and saying, "so, I'm here, what would you like to do."

Costs for onsite days are negotiable, costs vary depending on location. The bottom line is if you pay for a day of onsite training, you will get a day, not 1/2 a day of travel, 2 hours of figuring out what you want to be trained on and 2 hours of training.

Remote Consulting/Training

Remote training is handled via a conference call and Microsoft LiveMeeting session. Using LiveMeeting gives the ability to share each others desktop, share notes and documents and to work directly on your CRM system rather than a generic boring powerpoint presentation. It also enables avoids the need for costly and complicated VPN connections. Michael is only connected to your CRM system with your permission while the meeting is active.
Over the years Michael has developed the ability to deliver remote CRM consulting/training sessions in a way that actually engages your staff in the training process. No dull monotone presentations or boring power point shows, Michael keeps things interesting and even though the training is remote during sessions he has other people actually "drive" the computer at times so that it's not all about showing you what to do, but you doing it as well.