Sales Processes

A sales floor can be a crazy place to work. One of our keys is working with you to create a simple and effective set of processes to meet your goals. Our guide for the showroom floor is:

  • 300% rule – 100% of your salespeople logging 100% of their prospects 100% of the time
  • If it isn’t in CRM it didn’t happen
  • If it isn’t in CRM it isn’t going to happen

Working with your sales managers and your sales staff on how to implement those processes and on how to achieve accountability is our primary concern on the sales floor. We provide:

  • Consistency – you’ll get the same message every time we talk, we’ve seen stores where they’ll have a different consultant with a different answer every month.
  • We’ve developed custom reports that help ensure that leads don’t slip through the cracks. Watching active leads and how they’re tasked into the future is one of the keys to successful CRM