Work lead, set appointment, sell car...

Internet leads aren't voo-doo. Internet leads are the same as showroom ups or phone ups, just a little different.

That doesn't really seem to make sense, the same but different but here are the basics of what Michael has learned in 10 years of working with internet sales departments. When a customer walks in your front doors or is on the phone with a salesperson you have at least a fairly captive audience, they can't really click the red "x" in the corner and be gone (although they have been known to try!.

With internet leads, you have no idea who you're talking to, where they're coming from, where they're at in the buying cycle or if they're even actually interested in the vehicle.

The other problem you run into is how to deal with the numbers of leads you receive. If an internet department receives 100 leads a month, you're not dealing with a little more than 3 leads a day, that sounds pretty manageable. You're dealing with 3 leads that have a potential life-span of 90-days.

That means that at any point and time, a small to normal sized internet department might have to manage 200 to 300 leads.

Michael's skill with internet sales isn't only theoretical, he is currently running the internet department for one of his clients and is using his processes that he developed while working with Lithia and CDK.

An example of what we've done with internet sales is the Birchwood Automotive Group. Working with the group we were able to help them to double their internet sales in 2013.